Tools and Methods

X-DIARY Get to know the X-DIARY activity inspired by Lynda Barry, perfect for warm-up and reflection at storytelling activities! How to do? For example: “You have a white paper. Its title is YESTERDAY. To overcome the block of „how to start”, simply connect the corners. The white paper is not an empty sheet anymore. You broke the ice. You have 4 triangles! Now you fill … Continue reading Tools and Methods

Ideas and Resources for Educators, Teachers and Facilitators

Extra Credits Excellent short, animated videos about game, game design and storytelling. It’s mainly aimed at educators and teachers. Over time it spawned subchannels about History, Politics, Mythology, Sci-Fi.    Lessons from the Screenplay Channel dedicated to screenwriting, rich with examples and analyses from films.    Movies with Mikey (part of Filmjoy) Excellent movie analyses with a deep, very personal touch by Mike Neumann. For … Continue reading Ideas and Resources for Educators, Teachers and Facilitators

How to Overcome the Fear to Start

NaNoWriMo Have you ever thought about writing a novel but never had time, will, inspiration? We recommend a unique opportunity: NaNoWriMo, the program which is about writing 50,000 words of a novel during the 30 days of November.   “You can draw” If you think you cannot draw and that you are not creative, watch this inspiring and encouraging TED talk by Graham Shaw   … Continue reading How to Overcome the Fear to Start


Incidental Comics by Grant Snider Inspiring comics for boosting your creativity, imagination and free thinking  “Feast” An animated short film from Walt Disney which shows a bravura of telling an emotional story without words, with the power of images.  Using Tarots for Storytelling and Personal Reflection This article details tarots as cultural artifacts and their use for storytelling and personal reflection practice.  Story Corps Collecting/Sharing … Continue reading Inspirations

A long expected party

We had our first meeting in Brioude (France)! It has been 4 very intensive and productive days, but everything is coming together. We defined our long term plan, a logo (coming soon), facebook page and website identity. Follow us to know more about our activities!   Don’t adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on on the story. … Continue reading A long expected party