Expert Chats and Webinars

During the course of our cooperation we realized a number of Expert Chats – or Webinars – on different topics. It was an opportunity to learn more about specific topics, and also to network and get to know interesting partners and colleagues who work in similar fields.

You can find them all here, very conveniently organized!


“Digital Storytelling and Convergence Culture”

talk between Carmine Rodi, storyteller, trainer and comedian, and Michele Di Paola, trainer, youth worker and consultant on the digital transformation of education.

“Tales, Legends and Myths, how do they nourish us ?”

between Emmanuel Mappus, storyteller, and Nicolas Nédélec, editor in chief of the French magazine on traditional tales “La Grande Oreille”.

“Creating spaces for connecting and learning” with Piret Jeedas

A chat between Epp Adler and Piret Jeedas, space creator and adult educator.

Webinars from 2020 and earlier 

Free webinar series “How I use stories and storytelling in my educational work?”
In this webinar series we share our approach, tips and tricks of our trade.

Part 1 – Carmine Rodi Falanga
(April 8 2020 at 16 CET) Carmine Rodi trainer, facilitator, storyteller, comedian

Part 2 – Epp Adler
(April 22 at 16 CET) Epp Adler, Self-Mastery and self-mystery guide and coach

Part 3 – Lilla Gosi
(May 6 at 16 CET) – Lilla Gösi, Artist, Graphic facilitator, Trainer



Stories in Motion – Expert chat 1 – Mafalda Morganti
Listen to the expert chat with Mafalda Morganti – facilitator and trainer for community building, transformative work and personal development

Why storytelling needs story listening, how story listening can be an even harder skill, how stories can empower people, what can be the pitfalls of storytelling facilitators and much much more. Listen to the recording.

Stories in Motion – Expert chat 2 – Graziano Ciocca
Listen to the expert chat with science explainer Graziano Ciocca, from Italian association G.Eco – He shared why storytelling is important in any kind of work to educate, open perspectives and find reason for personal action. It is time to more from deficit based (I know and you don’t) to enthusiasm based (Let me help you discover and find out and discover your personal story with the topic) educating. Just watch the recording and be inspired.



Stories in Motion – partner chat – Carmine Rodi Falanga
People behind the project. Listen to the chat with our Czech/Italian partner Carmine Rodi, who is a trainer, coach, storyteller, standup comedian, psychotherapist-to-be and a keen gamer. What do all these identities have in common?

Listen to his thoughts on the place of stories in our lives, how stories actually define humans, the role of games and the dangers of stories.


Stories in Motion – partner chat – Emmanuel Mappus
People behind Stories in Motion. The person who initiated the “Stories in Motion” project and coordinates it – Emmanuel Mappus from France.

Listen to his story of stories, why he likes storytelling, how he discovered it, what he likes the most about stories…


Stories in Motion – partner chat – Lilla Gösi
People behind the project. Listen to the chat with Lilla Gösi, our Italian partner. She is a storyteller, journalist, drawer, facilitator and much more. Listen to her thoughts about stories, reality, creating reality, empowerment and much more.


Stories in Motion – partner chat – Epp Adler
People behind the project. Listen to the chat with our Estonian partner – Epp Adler. She is Self-Mastery and Self-Mystery coach, trainer and guide. And more likes to think of herself as an Enabler and Allower of Stories.

Listen to how she understands stories and what she thinks about her work.